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coz we are same…

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We think the same,,, as well as still part of us.

I do not know, no bulkhead that differentiate me with other, never mind, no problem for me because we too are different … and often feel uncomfortable when with you.

do not remember you,,, who initially hear your hurt, do not you remember before they are in you,,,,

do not want to say this, do not want you to know me, do not want an award or understanding from you,,,, let me feel this without you know …. and simply write this as a sign of just throwing my emotions …

partner only … not a friend,,,
friend forever if there is still the partner will be completed concurrent with the time that was over. thanks …

and I’m ready to meet my new friend’s friends from around the world,,,, and you are with our story is not yet over because the title is the friendship that we write



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